The Wei Qi Gong of Duan Zhi Liang

In October of 2001, after meeting him during a summer visit to China, Professor Duan Zhi Liang visited my home and Tai Chi studio in Chaplin, CT.  Duan was visiting the States, hosted by Grandmaster Jiang, Jian-ye.  wei qi gong of duan zhi liangThe purpose of his visit was to share his vast knowledge of the primordial sea of energy that is available to everyone.  Duan had been sharing classes on his Wuji Tai Chi, and Wuji Qigong, 2 of his family’s (800) years long tradition.  I asked Professor to observe a Usui Reiki System session, and if he had a similar, simple method.  I asked him if he would teach it to us instead of the one or the other forms. ( I had already had the benefit of a very early morning private tai chi lesson with Professor!)  Duan eagerly agreed to teach us “Something Special”-The Wei Qi Gong of Duan Zhi Liang.

I worked to get a How To Wei Qi Gong Video put together using some very poor quality video taken at the time, and also shot a live demonstration using a model.  I determined that I would some day make a better version, I felt that Wei Qi Gong was valuable and should be preserved and passed on.  In the summer of 2016 I made time available for the project, and as I was finishing some final edits, an email arrived that announced that Professor Duan had passed on Jul 12, 2016.  That was the day I put the completed video in an envelope to mail to get the projected professionally processed.

Professor Duan was 107 years old when he died according to most sources.  If that is the case, or even if he was only 97, Duan was living proof of the power of practicing qigong.

I will use this site to put up as much as I have and can dig up from workshops that we did to practice and teach, and of course offer the Wei Qi Gong DVD and workshops.


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