Additional Putative Energy Medicine Theories

Additional Theories
Thus far, electromagnetic energy has been demonstrated and postulated to be the energy between bioenergy healers and patients. However, the exact  nature of this energy is not clear. Among the range of ideas emerging in this field is the theory of a Russian researcher who recently hypothesized that torsion fields” exist and that they can be propagated through space at no less than 109 times the speed of light in vacuum; that they convey information
without transmitting energy; and that they are not required to obey the
superposition principle.28

There are other extraordinary claims and observations recorded in the literature. For example, one report claimed that accomplished meditators were able to imprint their intentions on electrical devices (IIED), which when placed in a room for 3 months, would elicit these intentions, such as changes in pH and temperature, in the room even when the IIED was removed from the room.29
Another claim is that water will crystallize into different forms and appearances under the influence of written intentions or types of music.30

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